3 Reasons Why Dental Implants Are Called The Gold Standard

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June 15, 2020
3 Reasons Why Dental Implants Are Called The Gold Standard

Cleaning your teeth regularly and flossing your mouth frequently, are few of the important things that help you to maintain your oral health. But there are times when you are unable to take good care of your teeth. In such situations, you might have to replace your tooth and get dental implants. As per a survey conducted by the National Center For Health Statistics showed that almost 70% of the US population misses at least one tooth. Most often people have also lost more multiple teeth. These dental issues have numerous emotional and physical consequences. People feel embarrassed and self-conscious about their smiles and avoid attending social gatherings. Moreover, it can potentially damage your confidence and falter your relationships with your loved ones.




Another unfortunate aspect of the missing tooth is that you won’t be able to eat your favorite food. Tooth loss does not affect just one tooth but also diminishes the surrounding jawbones. The longer the tooth remains missing, the more amount of bone in the jaw is lost.


You might be wondering, why is the jaw bone affected with just one missing tooth? Well, when a tooth is lost there is no stimulation of the surrounding jawbone causing the bone to lose density. According to the reports by the expert dentists, there is almost a 25% decrease in the width of the jawbone just within the first year of losing a tooth. With the loss of bone comes the increased risk of jaw fractures. Also, as the bone in one's jaw deteriorates, this causes them to look much older.


But you need not worry as our dental experts have adopted new and advanced methods of tooth decay. Dental implants have eased the process of tooth replacement and allows those who suffer from missing or failing teeth to maintain healthy bone structure, regain their confidence, and of course, their smile. In recent years, dental implants have helped many and will be doing so in the future.


Change Your Life With Dental Implants: With dental implants, a person can restore his/her normal and active lifestyle. They can easily eat, smile, laugh, and work without worrying about slipping or falling teeth because of dental implants. They are fixed in a place and won’t move or cause pain.


Improvement In The Overall Facial Appearance: The look and feel of the dental implants is just like the natural teeth. When the dental implants are anchored appropriately in the jaw, they give a proper appearance to the face and also support the jaw. Once fixed, dental implants can last a lifetime. As the dental implants replace the root of your tooth, they can easily stimulate the surrounding jawbone (just like your normal tooth) and also helps in maintaining the density of the jawbone.

  • Improving Self-Esteem: With dental implants, you can get a terrific smile that helps you feel perfectly normal and boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Improvement In The Level Of Comfort:


As dental implants can be fixed permanently, they start functioning like your natural teeth. With time, you would experience that it will eliminate the discomfort that is caused by the removable dentures. The best part of dental implants is that you don’t have to worry about removing the implants every night. You can regularly meet the dentists every 6 months and during your visit, dentists will clean your implants properly and you can go about your normal routine without having to think about your teeth!


No Difficulty While Eating


Sliding dentures can make chewing difficult. Dental implants function like your own permanent teeth, therefore, allowing you to eat your favorite foods with confidence and without pain or discomfort.


Improved Oral Health:


The best part of dental implants is that there is no requirement of grinding down adjacent healthy teeth, as with a traditional, tooth-supported bridge. Because nearby teeth need not be altered to support an implant, more of your own teeth are left intact, thus improving long-term oral health. If you opt for individual implants, then also it will allow easier access between teeth, thus improving oral hygiene. It’s no secret why dental implants are the new gold standard of tooth replacement, and these dental implant patient success stories will prove it!




Well, there are many other options for treating missing teeth, but the dental implants process is considered as the gold standard. The primary reason behind this is that a dental implant is the only procedure that replaces the entire tooth right from root to crown. The final result will be a fully restored, functional, and attractive smile.

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