3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Settle for Dentures

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June 1, 2020

Dentures  have been outmoded and outlasted by a newer variety called dental implants. Dental Implants have proven to be a million times better than traditional dentures with distinct advantages that include treating your mouth to an amazing variety of foods and secondly in putting that glorious smile back to your lips. All this seemed baffling with dentures earlier on. So before moving further, let me reveal the three major  reasons for the shocking failure of dentures outlining them as under:


Less Bite Force using Dentures:


The human tooth is backed up by 150-200 pounds of power-packed force. That is the strength behind the cutting power exhibited by the tooth with a  bite of one morsel. As you dig your teeth into a mouthful of food that you wolf down, you exercise your jaw muscles. Being omnivores our teeth have to be strong enough to delve into the varied food that we eat. With dentures, your bite force will have plummeted starkly by a good 100 pounds to a measly 50 pounds of chewing force. Though you cannot go overnight from being a steak eater into a frugal soup eater because of the incapacitated denture or the lack of force that your denture  brings into being, you need to understand that dentures are passe now. Hence the bottom line is that the dentures will never ever replicate your tooth in force and action. It is too much to ask of the denture. At the same time, upscaling to an Overdenture or better still to go for an All-on-four-Dental Implants to get the bite force equal to 250 pounds of force.


Denture Loosens Over Time:


Once you have lost a tooth, the bone in your gum will resign into the cavity deeper as you go and will flatten the gum eventually with the denture coming unstuck always. The denture primarily just sits in the mouth. This is a source of a perennial problem. The work of keeping dentures in the upper jaw in place by a suction plate and in the lower jaw by a pink-colored base attached to a metal piece is far from a luxury to have inside the mouth.  No amount of adhesive can bring the denture to act as a normal tooth and you may have to sacrifice your steak for a bowl of soup after all. Dentures also slow down the eating speed.


Tasteless As With Dentures:


The dentures are reputedly known to kill your taste. There are taste buds in the canopy of your mouth and with an upper denture being accompanied by an acrylic plate that is trussed against the roof of your mouth covers all the taste buds there. Hence, the tasting process is to no avail. The tip of the tongue with taste buds present there are also in continuous contact with the plastic of the denture. You will get an inkling of the taste intermixed with the denture plastic. The feeling of taste hence derived will never be the same as before.


The problems with Dentures are multi-fold and below are the auxiliary problems that erupt with the use of dentures.


Dentures are a foreign body in the mouth that will produce excess saliva that the mouth cannot contain and in the process will subject you to lisp or mumble as you speak. The excess saliva causes the dentures to slip and causes an uncanny mumble-jumble in your speech. If the dentures are replacing your front tooth, it will take an altered position in your mouth which will cause difficulty in speaking and hence a tendency to lisp. The tongue, as it rolls the words in the mouth before spitting the words out, needs time to get familiar with the denture and may cause a whistling sound to escape your mouth.


Painful Mouth:


Dentures may cause excessive pain in your mouth and will give rise to chaffing of the skin tissues present in the gums and cheeks. Dentures cause different oral health issues that include:


Cheilosis: Ill-fitting dentures cause inflammation and small cracks on one or both sides of the mouth. Cheilosis is also called cheilitis.


Stomatitis: A yeast infection in the mouth causing red bumps on the roof of the mouth or under the upper dentures.


Denture Ejects Out By Itself:


The most obvious problem with dentures is that they slip out of the mouth without warning and they leave users in a state of perplexity and embarrassment.


Badly Mangled Denture or Chipped Denture:


If you accidentally stamp on your denture and break it inadvertently, it may need fixing and realignment and it is better to not attempt a DIY with the denture as a home remedy may only cause the tooth to succumb to more problems. 


Not every denture is free from cracks or chips that may or may not affect the daily routine of the denture but is sure to cut the oral soft tissues it comes in contact with and will become bigger over time if not cared for. So letting your dentist iron out these issues without delay is very important.




Thus having a denture is far too high a price to pay for trudging around with a foreign body within your mouth. So to increase the quality of life, dental implants are the next best thing to happen. Dental Implants are affordable and are devoid of all the pain points customary with dentures.


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