5 Major Health Benefits Of Dental Implants

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July 22, 2020
5 Major Health Benefits Of Dental Implants

Are you looking for a replacement for your missing teeth? Dental implants are the first thing that comes to your mind. Well, yes. It is the next best thing to your real teeth. Dental implants are becoming a popular option because they are designed to look, feel as well as function just like your natural teeth. They are considered the best thing to provide you a confident smile. In addition, dental implants also provide a better long-term value than conventional teeth replacement options.



1. Dental Implants Helps In Preserving Bone Density


After the tooth extraction, a patient is left with a bone and an empty socket. If you do not fill the missing area, it will not remain strong and intact for long. The part of the bone surrounding your tooth will start degenerating and weaken over time if you don't have anything to support it. Gradually, your jawbone can decrease in size and lose its overall density, potentially leading to an array of problems. To keep your bone from deteriorating, you can have dental implants put in to strengthen the area and support the missing tooth replacement.


2. Dental Implants Provides Support And Stabilize Neighboring Teeth


The gap created due to the missing tooth can cause the neighboring teeth to shift awkwardly towards the gap. This will have a great impact on the natural ability to chew, your bite, and your appearance. Moreover, it can lead to interference that makes it harder later on to get a tooth replacement. A poor bite could also cause problems with your temporomandibular joint and could lead to headaches and pain. With dental implants, you can fill the missing gap, provide support to the neighboring teeth, and improve the ability to chew the food properly.


3. With Dental Implants You Can Prevent Premature Aging and Facial Sagging


The missing gap caused by tooth extraction leads to bone loss and this eventually lead to facial sagging. Facial sagging refers to the gradual collapsing of the lower part of the face. It closes the distance between your chin and the tip of your nose. Some of the changes that are caused due to facial sagging include extra mouth wrinkles, a more pointed chin, and thin lips, making you look older than you really are.


In such situations, Dental Implants can be a smart decision no matter what your age is, and whether you have missing teeth as a result of tooth decay, injury, or infection. Dental implants are also an excellent choice for adolescents, once development and facial growth are finished.



4. Dental Implants Makes You Feel Confident With Your Smile


It has been observed by several dentists that patients feel more confident after the dental implant process. Usually, people try to hide the missing tooth behind their lips, avoid smiling or laughing, and sometimes, even avoid talking to people. With dental implants, you will be able to enjoy your new teeth (dental implant teeth) that look and feel natural. You may be surprised by how much you start enjoying life again when you feel confident with your smile and are able to eat all of your favorite foods again. Dental implants not only benefit your oral health but your emotional well-being.


5. Dental Implants Decrease the Risk of Gum Disease


Consider what could occur to your natural teeth that surround an empty socket where you once had a tooth. They can be exposed to bacteria that could result in decay. In addition, the socket can provide bacteria with a point of entry to get into your gum tissue. This can lead to gum disease and inflamed tissue that's very painful and detrimental to your oral health.


Dentures and dental bridges frequently offer more difficult-to-reach areas for bacteria to build up. Dentures might even lead to broken skin and irritation that can create a breeding ground for infection and bacteria if not properly cleaned. But, once an implant has completely healed, the empty socket isn't exposed any longer and your teeth and spaces between your teeth can be easily cleaned.




Before you make any decision about how you're going to have your natural teeth replaced, talk with a cosmetic dentist to see which treatment option is best for your personal situation. Like with any dental procedures, certain things can affect the success of your treatment, so you'll want to sit down with your dentist to discuss these factors. If dental implants are a good option, it could benefit your oral health in ways that other replacement options might not provide.

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