6 Warning Signs You Need a Root Canal Treatment

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August 17, 2019
6 Warning Signs You Need a Root Canal Treatment!-1000oaksdentists

Root Canal Treatment is a procedure in dental care to oversee and repair severely affected and decayed tooth. It saves the infected tooth by repairing the tooth or tooth pulp. The tooth pulp consists of nerves and blood vessels that get decayed and root canal therapy is the only chosen dental procedure to prevent the decayed teeth from being extracted.

The fear psychosis preceding a root canal treatment is palpable because of the big build-up that is attributed to the treatment. The fear is not so much in the excruciating pain some may experience during therapy but it is just the pain felt leading to the dental care that is painful.

  1. The most common symptom which alludes to a root canal treatment is the PAIN one may have to endure which ranges from mild to severe and the pain may occur only during sleep or when you bite down on a food particle that causes searing pain through the teeth.

  1. Some patients may experience the classic do-or-die symptom for a root canal procedure and that is: Does your tooth pain recurs when you drink cold or hot foods. If there is pain then it is a root canal treatment.

  1. If the gums near and about the problem tooth could also feel very tender and cause you pain, a classic root canal symptoms. To soothe the pain and alleviate swelling in the gums, place an ice pack to the outer jaw.

  1. Chipped or cracked teeth also need a root canal which is inevitable because the nerves are exposed and open to contaminants and will prompt a root canal procedure.

  1. Another apparent symptom of a root canal treatment is the discoloration of tooth which could have occurred due to bad hygiene or nerve damage beneath the tooth and which would necessitate a root canal treatment.

  1. If there has been a cavity in your tooth which has been neglected for a long period of time, the decay spreads to the root and affects the nerves and root canal is the only procedure that will save the tooth.

Your X-ray will also second if you really need a root canal treatment and if the tooth can be saved. Why lose a tooth when there is a root canal treatment.

If the tooth displays sensitivity when you bite food or when you apply pressure to the affected tooth and if it lasts for months without subsiding, it calls for a root canal treatment.

You can bet your last penny that the tooth needs root canal treatment. This wisdom comes from the fact that prolonged tooth sensitivity is root canal treatment for shouting it out loud!

The most dreaded question posed by the patient to the Doctor is DO I need a Root Canal treatment? and which can be answered only by your Doctor. But there is no reason to fear root canal treatment for the pain is in the days preceding the treatment and before meeting the doctor and not during the therapy.



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  1. Thank you for helping me learn more about the signs of needing a root canal. I didn’t know that a cracked or chip tooth could be a candidate for this procedure. My husband will be interested to know this since he recently chipped his tooth.

  2. I had no idea that if you are constantly feeling pain in your teeth, you probably need a root canal. The other night, my husband mentioned that he has been experiencing toothaches every night as he tries to sleep. We should try to focus on finding a dentist that can help him get the treatment that will relieve his pain.

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