Dental Problems Women Face During Pregnancy

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March 4, 2021
Dental Problems Women Face During Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with many changes in your body as a woman, and you must be on the lookout for these short-term changes and know how to care for yourself. Some dental experts suggest that all expecting mothers should visit the best dentist in Weston Fl. regularly before their baby arrives.


Also, be prepared for a few dental issues that are caused due to the pregnancy so that you can deal with them as soon as possible and enjoy optimal dental health. These changes are often caused by your hormones and are very uncomfortable because your gum and teeth are always affected.


Pregnancy causes an incremental risk and complications that may cause the premature birth of your child, one of these many complications is related to issues surrounding your oral health. Therefore, knowing what to do when you encounter these issues can be helpful. The following are certain dental health problems that women encounter, which may lead to pregnancy complications.


Gingivitis (Gum Infection)


Gingivitis (Gum Infection)


Gingivitis is the swelling and redness of the gums, which may lead to a more critical dental issue. It is caused by the release of hormones during pregnancy. This tenderness and bleeding in the gum can be very uncomfortable even if the woman brushes her teeth gently.


Hormonal changes in pregnant women bring about an increment in the circulation of blood, especially in the area surrounding their teeth. These changes also cause dental plaque to pile up on the lines of the gum, this causes bacterial infection to increase in the mouth.


As a pregnant woman, in order not to face dental issues, protect your gum before you get pregnant, do not drink too many sugary contents or feel lazy about flossing, make sure you brush twice a day. When your gum is well taken care of, you are on your way to experiencing very little to no dental issues during your pregnancy.


To keep a good record of oral hygiene, go for checkups on a regular basis, practice good dental hygiene; avoid eating sweets and drinking sugary beverages and soda, use toothpaste with fluorides to brush your teeth, twice every day. There are different kinds of gingivitis;

  • Pyogenic granuloma: This is a reddish and roundish growth that appears on the gumline, this growth can cause severe bleeding of the gum.
  • Periodontal: This is an infection of supporting structures of the tooth such as the ligament, bones, and gums. Gingivitis that is not treated brings about this infection, and it can cause the woman to lose her tooth.

Most gum problems caused by pregnancy can be resolved after the birth of your child; even so, it is important to have your teeth checked by a dentist to ensure a smooth pregnancy without dental issues. Also, few women may develop a more intense gum disease after they have given birth; hence, they need proper dental follow-up.


Tooth Decay


Tooth Decay


Many pregnant women crave to eat certain food items that may damage their teeth; they may find solace in eating sour food or very sweet foods. Most often, pregnant women experience some nausea due to morning sickness, which sets them off, vomiting the food they ate. These may cause harm to the teeth because of the acid that is deposited on the teeth.


The acid can lead to tooth decay or tooth sensitivity, affecting the enamel, thereby causing inferior oral health. Oral issues will not only affect the expectant mothers but may affect the baby as well by permitting diseases like preeclampsia, which is brought on by high blood pressure, extreme protein in urine, diabetes, and premature birth.


It is very important for you as a pregnant woman to care for your oral health and go for proper checkup throughout your pregnancy, to avoid birth complications since improper care of the mouth can lead to tooth decay, which can further lead to more infections that may cause a problem to you and your child.


To avoid tooth decay, reduce the consumption of sugary food and beverages, wash your mouth with ordinary water immediately after vomiting. Use fluoridated toothpaste to brush your teeth.


Loose Teeth

One out of the many dental problems pregnant women have is a looser tooth. Your gum line may be very healthy, but there are hormones in your body, which produce an increased level of estrogen and progesterone. This may cause harm to the ligament, which acts as a support to the teeth.


After childbirth, these signs are no longer feasible; hence, they are temporary and may not lead to tooth loss. Nevertheless, it is best to visit an orthodontist for a proper dental checkup to check if your looser teeth are because of hormones released in your body.


Third Molar Problems

Swelling and pain are often felt near the teeth (wisdom teeth). This is caused by changes in hormones of the pregnant woman, or it may be because she does not take her oral health very seriously. When the wisdom teeth are damaged, it causes a lot of pain and discomfort in the mouth, thereby increasing the occurrence of tooth rot or cavities.


The best way to solve this dental problem is by seeking emergency dental help so that infections can be handled on time. This is because, if infections are ignored and it gets out of control, it may find its way into the bloodstream.


Other dental problems should never be ignored, especially when you are pregnant because, without proper treatment, it may lead to very serious infections that would, in turn, affect you and your baby.




A woman who is already pregnant or planning for a pregnancy should be cautious of her dental health state, this way, she will be able to avoid several dental conditions applicable to loose teeth and swollen gums that may cause her discomfort or endanger her unborn baby.


Having a good and expert cleaning of the teeth is good as it keeps the gum free from plaque. Also, if the orthodontist specialists notice any loose teeth, they will be able to treat them with correct medical procedures, safe for pregnant women.

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