Missing Teeth Problems – They Might Surprise You!

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February 3, 2021
Missing Teeth Problems They Might Surprise You

Research has shown that an average of the adult population between the ages of 20 and 64 has lost a tooth or more. It is common for kids to lose their baby teeth, but when an adult does; it is most likely from a tooth disorder or a default in the oral health of the person.


It is logically incomprehensible how a relatively sturdy part of the body like the teeth can fall off; it isn’t like it is screwed into the gum and so it can get loosed. So what could be the cause of missing teeth? We definitely know that it has nothing to do with the tooth fairy.


Well, several things result in missing teeth, among which are:


Tooth decay: Tooth decay is caused by improper management of our oral condition. A combination of plaque, tartar, bacteria, and the food we eat. The remnants left in the mouth cause tooth decay.


Gum disease: This is also caused by the buildup of plaque and tartar. When these cluster along the gum line, it results in gum disease. If gum disease is not taken care of in time, it leads to weak teeth, which with time decays or falls out.


Poor oral hygiene: Poor oral hygiene is the primary cause of tooth loss. It is the beginning of all tooth problems. Not brushing, flossing, and not visiting the dentist would lead to the accumulation of plaques, tartar, and food particles that would affect the teeth negatively.


Injury: some tooth loss is a result of injury, which usually involves a forceful hit to the teeth, it may also happen due to accidents.


Drug use can lead to tooth loss. Methamphetamine is a known cause for this.


Losing your tooth comes with countless disadvantages, (though I hardly believe there are any advantages), and it could lower the quality of life that one would have otherwise enjoyed. Some of these inconveniences are:


1. It would affect your eating privileges, imagine not being able to eat those tasty meals because you are in pain whenever they come in contact with your teeth. Trust me, that is not a place anyone wants to be, but that's what comes with tooth loss, it takes away the pleasure of eating. And when you are unable to eat, it invariably affects your overall nutrition. In other words, tooth loss can lead to malnutrition.


2. It leads to further tooth decay, losing one tooth puts you at risk of losing the others. When a tooth is missing, it disrupts the structure of the mouth by creating space along the jawline, which allows other teeth to move. They either move further apart or closer to each other, moving closer would make it impossible to floss, which can lead to further teeth problems.


3. It affects the victim’s speech too, missing teeth can make your words sound slurred and sluggish.


4. Missing teeth affect appearance. It can make the face sag as the teeth would be absent to support the surrounding facial tissues. And this can cause anxiety and depression.


5. Serious headaches can be caused by dental issues.


6. Missing teeth can also lead to loss of smile, which in turn can lead to loss of self-esteem and confidence.


And many other disadvantages, which show that tooth loss isn’t something that should be taken with laxity. It is better to avoid it than to experience it. To prevent tooth loss is easy. Some tips to achieve this includes:

  1. Brushing twice every day. Brushing doesn’t only give you fresh breath, it also rids your mouth of harmful elements, like plaques and tartar.
  2. Flossing should be taken seriously, it helps clean the gum line.
  3. Sticky and sugary food should be avoided.
  4. Eat healthy meals and consume a lot of iron-containing diets.
  5. Tobacco should be avoided.
  6. Wear a helmet when you go bike riding
  7. And most importantly, visit the dentist regularly.

If unfortunately, you already have missing tooth/teeth, it isn’t the end of the world. There are solutions to that missing smile of yours, you only have to know your options.


Replacement Options


Dental implant


A dental implant is a more permanent solution, and they are really comfortable. They feel and look like natural teeth. The procedure of getting a dental implant is carried out by a periodontist. It involves the replacement of the tooth root with a titanium post, this makes it a firm fit. After the post is fixed in the jawbone, an artificial tooth is affixed on it. It is a very good option for one or more missing teeth, plus it is easy to maintain, and with the titanium fussing with the bone, you would hardly remember that they are artificial.




A bridge is a filler tooth, which is an affordable tooth replacement option. It is used to fill the gap after a tooth extraction from the jaw. It only replaces the crown, also it can be used to replace one or more teeth.


Digital dentures


Digital dentures

This is a relatively new technology in the dental world. It is one of the best options for teeth replacement. It gives the perfect fit and lasts very long, depending on how well you maintain it. Digital denture involves the use of software technology to achieve the perfect fitting dentures. It is a painful and stress-free procedure.


Removable Partial Dentures


This is an option for only a few missing teeth. It involves the replacement of teeth attached to a natural-looking pink base. It is less expensive and easily replaced.




Replacing your missing tooth is very important, as not replacing it can cost you more pain and money. Thankfully now, there are a variety of options to choose from which leaves no room for excuses.


It is however better to prevent the problem of missing teeth instead of seeking solutions. That way, you suffer less pain, heartache, and embarrassment. The great thing about prevention is that it is pretty cheap, just as simple as taking your dental care seriously. So, you need to protect that smile by all means possible.

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